Gaining a Year

It’s my Birthday!

Mapping related gifts I’ve picked up so far:

Not a bad haul, since I’ve only been 24 for 18 minutes 😉

4 Responses to “Gaining a Year”

  1. Jason Birch Says:

    Happy birthday Christopher.

    You know, your first 24 have given you a lot to live up to… 🙂

  2. Guillaume Sueur Says:

    yes, very happy birthday Chris ! Mine is on the 21st, but I will then have 50% more than you ! And still not have an eeePC !

  3. John Cowan Says:

    (on a rising note ending in a squeal)

    That eeeps doesn’t frighten us, sir, for we are twice your age and can crush you like a pancake????

  4. mpg Says:

    Happy Birthday, crsschmidt!

    You make me feel way old.