Wombat takes charge : learning how easy it is to work with location stuff in Python, he starts work on a project that sounds a lot like the work I’ve started on locative stuff. Looks like I need to get back to that…

As FrankK reports, Darla will record an orgasm ringtone if she gets requests on her blog for one. Think she’ll follow through? I’m interested in finding out.

Flickr stuff is close to done. I’ve got a user interface put together, using code stolen from the included file browser provided by Nokia. You can browse through, select a picture to upload, and upload it, using the given tags, security, and stored username/password. It’s not ready for prime time yet, because I want to set up a way to do multiple uploads at once. I’d also like to be able to type in titles/descriptions, but the limitations of the UI widgets available blocked me there. I don’t have anything that I can type t9 into with ease, so getting the data out would be a pain. Is it so much to ask for a t9 enabled appuifw.query window?

Jess asked me yesterday if I’ll ever make any money hacking these things together. My answer is probably not: I don’t like the idea of charging people money for something. I’ve never even asked for donations, because I just think it’s not fair to expect people to pay me for the work I do. Despite this, if anyone wants to offer me money to do what I’m doing, I’d be glad to take it. I really need to move this stuff to a server that isn’t hosted in a house with four cats running around: they have a tendancy to pull out the ethernet cable nightly, which means downtime for everyone.

I’m looking to move stuff soon, I’ve had my eyes on one of the Sagonet bargain servers for a while. (The reason I’m going for my own box rather than a virtual box type solution is memory based: I want to run julie off a different machine than my own, and that requires me to use a hell of a lot more memory than any virtual hosting solution I’ve yet found.) The price is good, it’s just that initial extra setup fee that’s putting me off.

However, every day that goes by is another day that I realize I really just need to move stuff and be done with it. Waking up every morning and having to restart my menagerie of bots is getting old. I want something stable.

Is anyone looking for hosting? $10/ a month, and I’ll do all the work to install anything you want! 🙂

3 Responses to “Quickies…”

  1. BoggyB @ LJ Says:

    I am tempted… what sort of services would I get on the host?

    *goes hunting for a $/£ converter*

  2. Christopher Schmidt Says:

    BoggyB: Anything you want, really. Basic services that I’ve done in the past for people are email and web, and offering ssh/shell access. I’d probably also learn how to run FTP stuff for this case.

    Basically, since it’s a full box, I’ll work to provide anything that runs under Linux for you. If you want MySQL, Postgres, DNS, whatever, I’ll work to make it happen. The bandwidth limits are huge (more than a terabyte a month) which I can’t imagine ever coming near, so I’m not concerned about that.

    So, what would you be looking for? 🙂

  3. BoggyB @ LJ Says:

    Ideally, ASP, but I realise that Microsoft don’t exactly distribute “IIS for Linux”. I should learn PHP and Perl anyway 🙂

    I’m still at the stage of thinking “this looks good”, so nothing definete yet. But I am definetely tempted, especially given the current £/$ rate (about $1 to £2). And having a web server where I don’t have to worry about ads or referer stuff would be nice.

    (btw, the comment box does some funky stuff under IE. I’m sure it’s not meant to resize to larger than the window when I start typing (appears to size to the window width without moving left, so the right hand end and scrollbar is beyond the window edge). Probably MS deciding to ignore standards as usual)