Tech Plenary

The W3C fifth annual Tech Plenary is in Boston, Massachusetts this week, meaning there’s a large group of the people who I typically work with exclusively over IRC very nearby. Unfortunately, free time is not exactly forthcoming during the daytime, so I missed out on the Semantic Web Interest Group F2F meetings. I was able to grab a few tidbits over IRC: one of the more interesting ones is the fact that Forum Nokia is run with a lot of metadata underneath, as Patrick Stickler’s Slides demonstrate. (Powerpoint files, so a powerpoint viewer of some kind is required.)

In addition, Patrick mentioned a series of other links, which are available from the irc chump for Patrick’s slides. One of the more interesting ones to me is the Device Profile Search, which I assume works off the RDF available from URLs like, for example, the Nokia6100 Device Profile. A list of profiles of this kind from a number of manufacturers is available from the UAProf Profile Repository, a number of which have been aggregated into my Redlandbot service, and are used periodically for answering questions like “What Java Platform does the Nokia 3650 run?” (The answer, in machine readable form, is “Profile/MIDP-1.0, Configuration/CLDC-1.0, rdf:Bag”. This service subject to change at any time.)

So, seeing some demos of that from Patrick was cool. I’m still hoping to catch some of the Semantic Web people lingering in town for a F2F meetup, if nothing else than for getting my picture included in some codepiction stuff for demos. Hoping to gather some people either in the next couple evenings sometime, or on Saturday if anyone is left.

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