Flickr Posting App Update

Since I’ve gotten a couple people asking about it – my application for my phone to post to flickr has a basic shell built, and works, but I’m llooking to add a few more features and make it more user friendly before I post the code for you all to use.

Featureset right now:
* Ability to store options, including default tags, username, password, and security
* Browsing through filesystem in a filebrowser and selecting a photo to upload
* Uploading a photo, and adding additional tags to the defaults

Other Features that I want to implement:
* Actually respecting the security that’s stored.
* Uploading more than one image at a time
* Less confusing interface.

So, it’s still on my todo list, and I’m going to continue to work on it, it just hasn’t gotten done yet. Mostly because I’ve been too busy reading Snow Crash.

One thing I’m not sure if people want to do is type in a title and description for the image while uploading the image. I don’t have any t9 enabled input boxes that are easy to use. So, it’s a question of whether I want to use the more difficult (and possibly confusing) Form box, or if I want to just skip it for the time being.

Actually, now that I think about it, the appuifw.Form wouldn’t be as bad of a way to go as I thought it would be… Hm. Will have to check that out.

5 Responses to “Flickr Posting App Update”

  1. Roy Says:

    Is Snow Crash your first Stephenson book?

  2. Christopher Schmidt Says:

    Roy: Wrong entry 😉 But yes, it is.

  3. Robert Says:

    I think that the underlying UI element that is used to implement the appuifw.query() input box doesn’t support T9. This weekend I may stop screwing with impractical X10 remote control schemes and start working on wrapping OS APIs with python DLLs (PYDs.) I actually started a few weeks ago but got stuck on some problems with building WINS (emulator) code with my “free” dev environment.

  4. Christopher Schmidt Says:

    Robert: I agree that it doesn’t support t9. I’m not interested enough to put the effort into trying to do develoment using Symbian stuff under Linux: far far far too much hacking required for that, and I just don’t need it.

    However, Putty, for example, does create a t9 enabled query-like box. So, there must be a way to do it.

    I do kind of wish I could do more advanced python development, but my environment just doesn’t allow it. If anyone wants to donate me a windows box, feel free… 🙂

  5. Dave Anderson Says:

    In addition to user-specified tags, you could attach tags programatically. Since symbian python comes with a nice gsm_location() function, you could append MCC+LAC+CELLID to create a geographic tag (just now mine is ‘2723036306’). I omit network code because it just doesn’t seem important.