FOAF Names…

A while ago I did a really crappy survey of how many people were using the various forms of “name” properties in the FOAF schema. I say “Crappy” becuase it was incomplete and generated via RDQL queries, which was a really silly way to do things, now that I know how to actually use a few of the Redland API calls. So, since I’m bored and working on a wrapper for a variety of Redland stuff, I figured I’d look at it again.

The model in question is the model for Julie, an IRC based interface to a Redland store. She contains about 2.3 megatriples, in a MySQL backed storage.

Total foaf:Persons: 129,932
Total statements using foaf:name as a predicate: 5549
Total statements using foaf:givenname as a predicate: 5363
Total statements using foaf:firstName as a predicate: 874
Total statements using foaf:family_name as a predicate: 117
Total statements using foaf:surname as a predicate: 6314
Total statements using foaf:nick as a predicate: 120529

Keep in mind that a large chunk of this data is spidered from LiveJournal, so the results are most likely going to be extremely biased to that case, which has no use of any name properties other than foaf:nick.

Nothing all that impressive, really, but interesting as far as statistics go nonetheless.

2 Responses to “FOAF Names…”

  1. Morten Frederiksen Says:


    How about the use of foaf:givenname and foaf:family_name?

  2. Christopher Schmidt Says:

    Morten: I’ve added those stats to the post as well: givenname is 5363 and family_name is 117.