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So, a while ago, I was bored and wanted to add something to my todo list. So I created a URI for a todo namespace, and used it a couple times via the ^addturtle function built into the julie IRC bot.

As usual with my todo methods, I totally forgot about it. Recently, I brought julie into a new IRC channel (#svg) and she met raxor, who immediately started going through her commandlist:

13:15:07 < julie> Current commands: allRelated, olb, like-pubs, maintainer, webpage, drankbeerwith, like-same-music-as, alldayevents, depiction, based_near, icbm, keywords, country-population, kissed, todo, authorlinks, like-musicalwork, like-books, title, rsslinktitles, country-background, languages, nick, neighborhoods, commentContains, pub-address, schemaweb, desc, homepage, workplace, available, country-lowestPoint, knows, quote, school, sha, ljinterests, xfn_met, members, country-highestPoint, rangeOf, term, made, name, places, agentknows, dob, like-musicians, domainOf, modified, picOfA, newdepiction, rsstitles, weblog, contact, javaPlatform, biodob, mbox, dranklagerwith, namefromany, rsslinks.

Wondering what todo was, he tried it, and got a todo item I had added long ago. I replied, “Oops. Never did that.” and went to work on investigating how I could make the todo feature more useful.

In the process, I added a command to julie to add a todo item given a string:

^todoItem document built ins

Will add for me a todo item of the following turtle:
[a todo:Item; todo:owner [a foaf:Person; foaf:nick “crschmidt”]; dc:date “currenttime”; todo:text “text given”].

It will then query the model for all existing todo items for me, and return that.

Of course, this has problems: one of them being I have no way to mark a todo item as “done” once it is, and other similar things, so I will have to work a bit more on the interface to the todo list, but it’s interesting, and I thought maybe other people might want to know about it.

I do need to start documenting the built ins like this: listeningTo is another example. They don’t have a ^commandinfo result, so I’ll have to improve julie’s built in help.

julie may also see some codepiction/path searching in the near future: Greg Williams (aka kasei) gave me some Perl code that he uses to find shortest paths in a Redland store, so I’ll hopefully be able to use that and build it into julie. Also need to get code back into subversion: I screwed up my working directory so that it’s not managed in subversion, so I haven’t checked in in weeks. (This was the same problem I had last time, when someone sent me a complete refactoring of julie – only he had done it against SVN, which wasn’t up to date.)

This isn’t as polished as my usual posts: I think sometimes I overthink what I’m writing a bit, so you may see a bit more “Hey, this is my cool semantic web trick of the day” posts in the future.

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