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GSMLoc Cell Data

Posted in gsmloc, Locality and Space on March 15th, 2008 at 11:24:30

A couple people have asked me over the years what I plan to do with I think that every time I’ve answered, I’ve wished I could say “I have great plans!”… but I don’t.

Until now, I didn’t have a good dump of the data made automatically available. This was silly. I’ve now created a cronjob that will, at midnight, create a gzipped csv dump of the data.

I make no claims as to the quality of this data, and place no restrictions on it, though credit to or the gsmloc project would be cool.

Sorry that I’ve been so lazy about not making this available. I may still clean up the website, and I’ll gladly link to other projects who are doing the same thing, and I’m sorry that I’ve been such a bad steward over the past couple years.