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OpenLayers Routing, with a little help from my friends

Posted in Camptocamp, FOSS4G 2007, Locality and Space, OpenLayers, pgRouting on September 27th, 2007 at 12:54:51

So, one of the things I learned on Monday here at FOSS4G was how to set up pgRouting. pgRouting is a Postgres-based routing engine, originally developed by those wonderful Camptocamp folks, and since taken over by Orkney. The workshop showed us how to do routing with OpenLayers and pgRouting over Google Maps with free Canadian data.

With some urging from Erik, I put together a demo of this functionality — but of course, I couldn’t stop at just that, and instead had to go farther and do on-the-fly routing as you drag:

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Or, if you’ve got an SVG/VML supporting browser (Almost all of them, these days), check out the live demo of Boston.