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eeepc vs. cloudbook as a mapping tool

Posted in eeepc, Locality and Space, mapping on January 22nd, 2008 at 11:56:48

I’m going on a trip in a couple weeks, and wanted something I could do mobile mapping on without bringing my big, clunky laptop with me. I started looking at the EeePC, and bumped into the CloudBook — 30% longer battery life, 30GB hard drive instead of 4GB flash drive, same price point. It’s sold through Walmart, which is a major downside, but I might have been willing to accept the moral qualms that came with…

Until I found out that the trackpad is the little rectangle in the upper right corner of this picture on Flickr.

I want to do mapping with whatever I buy, and that little thing is simply not going to cut it. EeePC it is, if anything…

I’ve asked $Coworker to bring his in today to see if it’s really the right size for me: I’ve seen his before, but only for a brief bit, and want to get another feel for the size before I go with it. I’m hopeful that if I do this purchase, I can make the Eee something I can take with me everywhere *instead* of the Macbook — so vacations, etc. aren’t besotted by me pulling out a gigantic Apple laptop, but instead a little thing that is designed more for the ‘on the go’ case — and especially something that I won’t be trying to do work on, so that I’m not working during vaccations so much. 🙂