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accelball: Python + N95 accelerometer demo

Posted in Mobile Platform, N95, Symbian Python on February 2nd, 2008 at 23:05:15

So, today, I built a small application to demonstrate the use of the accelerometer built into the Nokia N95. I decided to convert a simple example: the ‘’ example that ships with 홀덤사이트 Nokia’s distribution of Python for Series 60 (SourceForge).

The example uses the arrow keys to move a ball around the screen. Instead, I wanted to tilt the screen to do it.

The result came out reasonably well: I even used the webcam on the eeepc to put together a little video:

The code is available from my Symbian page, which has received so few changes that it doesn’t actually even mention my 6600 that I got years ago, and have since upgraded from.

In my searches, I wasn’t able to find a lot of source code for pure-Python scripting using the accelerometer, so hopefully if anyone is looking for demos of accelerometer usage, they can take this as an example in Python.

Love to hear any feedback if anyone else gives it a shot…